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In under 2 minutes single handed with full fuel.

The Trail is a brilliant new tandem two seat aircraft by italian designer Nando Groppo. Starting with a clean sheet of paper, the focus was on utility, affordability and versatility. The traditional layout of the machine belies the many innovations incorporated which will make owning and flying the plane such a pleasure. The handling on the ground and in the air is impeccable. Read the flight tests. Hundreds of hours of testing has produced a superbly balanced aircraft which sets the standard.

The signature feature of the Trail is the wing fold which is undoubtably the best available. The wings can be folded single handed without tools in under 90 seconds with both tanks full of fuel.

Sprite Aviation supply just one kit from which it is possible to build tailwheel or nosewheel versions. It is even possible to convert from nosewheel to tailwheel if you decide you want to try something new. There are currently four engine options with the reliable and economical Sauer now available. There are also ski and float options (not yet approved in the UK) and German Certification has just been gained for glider towing. The Trail is the most versatile kit aircraft that has ever been available in the UK.