Nic takes off uphill at Inglenook with only a couple of feet clearance each side. Destination is the field north of the strip. All this to avoid lifting the Ziggy over the fence.

Nic Hart demonstrates engine off glide and landing

The AVIAD Zigolo MG12 is an SSDR motor glider designed and manufactured in Italy offering an alternative flying experience.

It has slow flight characteristics and a short landing and takeoff distance of 50 meters.

This is a new departure in the form of a minimal three axis SSDR Motor Glider perfectly suited for fun flying.

Specifically designed for simple construction and low cost of ownership, it has a traditional tubular frame structure and

simple bonded fabric covering thus providing a very robust design.

It incorporates several additional novel design features, a forward pilot cockpit protected by the fuselage frame work and

providing an exceptionally wide field of view for improved airmanship.

The rear mounted pusher engine with propeller and the fuel tank are also contained within the airframe offering further protection.

The joy stick mounted engine throttle control further simplifies the aircraft's flight controls enabling additional tasks to be achieved by the pilot in flight.

Additionally the shock absorbing undercarriage and the impact skid beneath the pilots seat further protects the occupant in cases of heavier than normal landings.

An optional ballistic parachute recovery system is available for ultimate emergency use.

The Zigolos design also provides easily constructed airframe assembly modules and is ideally suited for road trailer transportation.

It can be supplied with a storage racking system design for home use but which may easily be adapted for a transportation trailer.

The aircraft's modular assembly enables a ready to fly aircraft to be achieved within about one hour after reaching the chosen airfield.

Fly with a speed range of 35-75 km \ hr (22-46 m.p.h.) and good stability.