Certification basis                                         LTF-UL 2019/ ASTM F2245-16c

Fuel capacity                                                105 Lit

Unusable fuel                                                5 Lit

Endurance                                                    5hr with 30 min reserve

Cockpit width widest point                          1.092 Meters

Total length                                                   5.915 Meters

Wing span                                                     9.22 meters

Wing area                                                      12.03 Meters sq

Wing MAC                                                      1.305 Meters

Height                                                            2.625 Meters

Wheel track                                                    1.73 Meters

Seats                                                                Side by side 

Weights and loads

Empty weight                                                 340-365 kg

MTOW                                                              600 kg

Baggage capacity                                            20 kg

Baggage volume                                              0.10 m3

Limit positive design load factor                    +4g

Limit negative design load factor                   -2g

Ultimate design load factor                            +6/-3g


Engine                                                               Rotax 912 uls                      Propeller                                                            3 blade