The Merlin is a high speed, high performance single seat aircraft suitable for general sports flying and touring. It has a massive power loading of 10 pounds per horsepower which is around 2 pounds less (i.e. better) than your adverage 100 hp microlight. Take off performance and climb rate are simply astounding. Ground run is around 40 meters and powerful slotted flaps ensure a short landing. The fully laminar wing easily produces high cruise speeds over 100 mph (5500 rpm will give 107 mph TAS). The all metal construction is completely free of shakes and rattles and has long life built in with it's 100% epoxy primer. The wing tanks carry nearly 4 hours fuel allowing you to plan for 3 hour flights and still have a good reserve.  

Sprite Aviation Services sell the Merlin as a 100% factory build, painted inside and out. The controls are fully installed and engine cowls fitted. The only work left for the builder is the engine installation and instrument panel assembly and wiring. We estimate this to be around 50 hours work (Depending on skill level and panel complexity).

Novice pilots should read the pilots notes and be aware that the Merlin is a very high performance aircraft and will probably be quicker off the mark than anything you have flown before. Climb rates can reach 1700 fpm. The Merlin is very clean and has a low drag profile for a microlight. Care must be taken to familiarise with the performance by flying similar aircraft dual before flying the Merlin.

Merlin HV-103

Wing span                     7.8m

Length                           5.61m

Wing srea                      7.1m

Max take off weight       315kg

Empty weight                180-190kg  

Engine Rotax 582          65hp

Max level speed            127 mph

Vne                                146 mph

Stall (power off)             40 mph    

Economical cruise         92 mph

Range                           300 miles + reserve            

Click here to download advice to first time Merlin pilots

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UK Merlins come fully built but useful for maintenance.